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Caught within the Call of Chaos
Caught within The Call of Chaos
Chaos sang a song to me
within the wistful whistle of the wind
A haunting font of melody
to warn me of its sin
The spectral call upon a breeze
piercing through the dark
A racing heart began to seize
upon the still of art
The weave so softly sang to me
whispering the woes within
A hark to spark The Darkest Sea
suffering in their sin
A roar of rage upon the air
raving for release
Callous folding to the care
pleading to decease
I close my eyes to every sound
centered in my mind
In silence is my solace found
within the peace I find
In my altruistic fantasy
I see the truth to know
In reality of society
deeper dark desires flow
The echo on the wind now plain
I whisper back within
Before that fragility is slain
I'll sing out the sin
My melody upon the sky
A duet sings within the dark
The most important question why
A single mote ignites the spark
The fate that has been written
has found you today
Your soul forever to be smitten
In chaos' way
You may ignore ever
:iconlarathain:Larathain 17 59
A place within the night
A place within the night
The icy tomb of chaos grows
Formed of spite the world knows
Reflected light won't pierce the snows
But deep within a fire glows
The height of shadow coalesce
Hardens the cage to dim the less
Transfixed by what can cause your mess
When dark deeds born dawn your distress
These motes of dew they crystalize now
Each line in the design yet they don't know how
Their sentience is stored, made to strain bow
And though they think they're free, they're made to cow
Patterns of light born given form
And through each flake a winter storm
The cold of callous instilled from born
Within the malice of sweetest forlorn
A significance sought within the cost
Compassion a calling that they've lost
But starlight shines against hardened frost
Piercing the dark of shadow's moss
Warming within, the tender touch of soul
Wilting the woe of shadow's hole
You lost your hands to grip my whole
When you decided by lives you stole
I wondered why you taunt me so
When it was you lost your soul
:iconlarathain:Larathain 16 6
Tsumugi Inuzuka Teenager (Amaama to Inazuma) by ChamDraws Tsumugi Inuzuka Teenager (Amaama to Inazuma) :iconchamdraws:ChamDraws 80 13 YOU'VE GAINED SOME WEIGHT MEGGO by Middiekittie YOU'VE GAINED SOME WEIGHT MEGGO :iconmiddiekittie:Middiekittie 4 2 1975 by revelin1661 1975 :iconrevelin1661:revelin1661 11 1 Armada Starscream lineart by japanindisguise Armada Starscream lineart :iconjapanindisguise:japanindisguise 36 3
It is
"It's not the end of the world." I rolled my eyes. Sam was such a drama queen.
" need to see this," she said grabbing my arm hard enough to bruise.
I tried to pull away, turned around ready to slap her when I saw it.
The wave was like a storm cloud, huge and dark, rising ominously, already so high it was starting to swallow the horizon. 
Sam was shaking. I was too. We stood there, just watching, horrified, too afraid to move. Wide-eyed, we beheld a monster made of ocean from high in the mountains, detached from the chaos below. People were screaming, running; on the beach water was receding, swimmers getting sucked into a vacuum of blue water. 
The crash was deafening. The house was shaking and shifting. Sam and I were thrown back- scrambling for something to hold onto. We found each other and held on tight. She cried out but I couldn't hear her- only the rush of waves, metal creaking, wood shattering.
Then there was silence. When Sam cried, I heard it with a h
:iconprettyflour:prettyflour 10 8
Stan And Ford (#CipherHunt) by Lone--Dragon Stan And Ford (#CipherHunt) :iconlone--dragon:Lone--Dragon 99 3
A Bee, His Wife and I Walk Into a Bar...
    Not all at the same time mind you. They were there first and I arrived later, but I’m getting ahead of myself. So let me go back. It was a dark and stormy night. Wait! Too far. Damn clichés always muddling my thoughts. It was not “A dark and stormy night”, In fact the weather was sunny with the thermometer lingering between the mid- seventies to lower eighties. It was the last day of the convention and everyone was exhausted. Where less than forty-eight hours ago the foyer of the Mississauga Hilton had been electric with excited conversations, rekindling’s between friends and the occasional exclamation of “All Hail Lord Megatron!”; the raucous, brightly lit, modern vestibule was now a hum of quiet, tired voices. I was no exception, feeling as though I was living in a blurred reality. The combination of sleep deprivation, large quantities of caffeine and over worked adrenal glands will do that to a person.
:iconjsteig:jsteig 1 0
+Surreal Girls+ by larienne +Surreal Girls+ :iconlarienne:larienne 6,274 251 RID Starscream by Aiuke RID Starscream :iconaiuke:Aiuke 136 18 In green by Aiuke In green :iconaiuke:Aiuke 64 5 chapter 5 part 1 by x-TSUKIKO-x chapter 5 part 1 :iconx-tsukiko-x:x-TSUKIKO-x 3 0 Don't Mess with Me/Blue Anime Girl Adopt (Closed!) by xxMysteryKitty330xx Don't Mess with Me/Blue Anime Girl Adopt (Closed!) :iconxxmysterykitty330xx:xxMysteryKitty330xx 93 10
Art and Literature that I really like! :D



OreoCat14's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Note: this account may not be as active as you want it to be, and I seldom update because I am still in school... ;A;

The queer, jovial, writer and struggling mangaka who loves cookies (specifically Oreo, and be prepared to see lots of Oreo on my page, or for me to give out some free snacks too!), anime and Transformers too much!

Here are some really basic things you should observe while you're here:

First, I am always busy with school so I might not really post that much, but when I find the chance I will try and interact with my watchers.

Second is that I am also very stubborn at times, but please don't lose faith in me because I'm too slow.

Third: I absolutely do not accept commissions, or requests. I'm too busy with other things currently. Maybe some day, I might, but not now.

You can call me Oreo, Cat and by my real name as well!

No copying or stealing my works (which is honestly just common sense) or I will report.

Last but not least, have fun reading my works! >3<

My account will always be filled with fun things from the start of February to November each year, and each month will have a new event after every year.

Here is the itinerary for 2016, May onward:
May- MegaStar May and the publishing month for my comic*
June- Lazy Strongarm and Akiyama Twins June
July- Megu-nee and Oppie July
August- ???
September- Soundwave September
October- Halloween Twins October
November-Turkey War November

*I have just finished my mid-terms, which, maybe again, might affect the publishing date of my comic... T^T Possibly might be moved again, hopefully to December, but that might be too late! >.> (Strongarm is going to kill me!!)

And December, has no significant event happening. I will not be doing anything special sadly, from December to January 2017. T^T

And why is it August has "???" Just wait until August then!


Hello, guys!
I'm sorry if you think that this account is dead, but I've been really busy with IRL things. I'll be back when I have the chance. :3 


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